Comment: Why I think this is bad.

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Why I think this is bad.

I commented earlier that this isn't good because the company is utilizing government grants to create a product. The concept of the product, fresh produce produced locally, is excellent, but the means to achieve it is flawed. Now I don't mean that the system of vertical crops is a bad idea, but the fact that they have to receive government help is bad. It is bad in several aspects but most so because it requires the use of force to pay for such idea. Taxes must be collected and then destined to this project. Here is where I have another issue. The idea of vertical planting may be great, but because government help is involved, the company may poorly invest such funds because first they are interest free and secondly they don't have to be paid back. The poor investment may very well be the reason that the great idea never takes off. Others that are watching and learning from the project will also be studying if it is viable in other locations. If they don't also have access to the free money, then the idea will never grow. A classic example of this is Solyndra where money is poorly spent and thus the project never takes off.

If a company like Wholefoods is able to work by selling more expensive food, then this idea could also work without government help. Sell the food at a higher price, but market it as a better product. Free markets are always better.