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I am shocked at your "tiresome" comment!

You seem to want small Government, personal liberty, support Dr Paul and his outstanding ideals for the USA, but find any topic of the very Politics have infiltrated and grown "your" government, infiltrated and poisoned "your" churches and stripped "you" of "your" freedoms, "Tiresome"?
Can you imagine this conversation with your mechanic?
You..."my car doesn't go anymore...there seems to be plenty of spark, but not much else"
Mechanic...."Hmmm the engine is gungked up, there is filth in the fuel line and it is running on only one cylinder...we will have to rip the motor out, dismantle it, clean it, repair it, and it will be good to go".
You..."oh no! not the engine, it is so Tiresome when you people insist it is the engine. How about we just put new bulbs in the headlamps, so I can see where I'm not going".
Political Zionism IS liberty's enemy, and if we don't study it, learn it,
and FIGHT it, Dr Ronald Paul will have been for nothing.
Please read the following.