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You've never done any fundraising for a startup, have you?

The market for investors is not like your father's market. Honestly, there are 99.999% sharks and about no honest investors when you go through any non-personal channels. I've been through initial talks, due diligence, negotiations and dumped over a hundred investors in the last 2-3 years alone. They all want to pay nothing, they want it guaranteed and then they want majority control and shares at the end. And this is just for INITIAL funding which must be followed up by usually two more rounds of larger amounts. It's truly amazing how ballzy the elites are getting these days.

So, with this in mind, how do you propose a genuine 'do-gooder' business gets started when there's not enough margin on the table for the sharks to bite?

I'm not for the government getting involved in business startups but in today's market and with such a capital intensive venture such as this vertical farming is, it very well may be the only way.

Does this mean it will definitely waste money because of a lack of accountability? No. It may not stop it but it doesn't guarantee it either.

Besides, this is in a country where US laws and regs are meaningless.

BTW, solyndra is not a 'classic' example. It's a recent one. The entire oil industry is a classic example.