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Comment: He endorsed ...

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He endorsed ...

Bush, Reagan, every single incumbent Texas delegation and every single uncontested Republican incumbent that requested an endorsement.

That is how the party works.

He is no longer an elected official in the party and now he can speak his mind.

That is how the game is played.

I wouldn't read too much into his comments. He simply said, "I will judge and re judge and re judge and re judge based on actions only and not rhetoric."

He will oppose and support based on a persons votes on Ron's pet issues.

Foreign Policy, Civil Liberties, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy.

Ron Paul always relingished to the party when it came to endorsements. He never relingished when it came to policy. He drew that line.

You might draw a different line.

Walk a mile in his shoes and see where you come out.

God Bless.