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Huh? WTF?

WTF is up with your obsession and 'down voting?'

I'm no McCartney/Beatles-phile, but from what I understand "Obladi, goes on" was supposedly a reference to a phrase often said by Paul McCartney's Nigerian conga player, as his own personal vernacular equivalent of "c'est la vie" like: "Paul brah. yadi, yadi, yada, know how t'it is mon. such is life."

Think you need find yourself a different audience than me; which brings me to this: now, pay attention, Spit '76

I'm gonna put this very bluntly to you; I have not done this to anyone else but two, really rabid souls I've unfortunately had to express my displeasures to, here at DP, after they initiated the 'attack,' but even then, they never called me what YOU just wholly unsubstantiated, called me, in the following:

I know that blows your neonazi mind and all the Aryan theories you have steeped yourself in over the years. For that, I'm sorry. But there's just no way around the hard scientific DNA data.

Seeing as how I've never called you names, other than apparently to inadvertently insult and set-off your insecure sensibilities (which the entire onus of managing it, is on you) when I merely cited studies done by someone else, not from some community college, but at the world renown medical school Johns Hopkins, I think it's pretty empirical who the wronged party is, and who the initiating offender is.

Regardless, listen up;

Dear Motherfcuker: you don't get to call me someone with "neonazi mind and all the Aryan theories" and pretend to 'make nice' or even talk past it, as if you never said that, without apologizing.

Nor, try to move forth without even trying to make a gesture to be courteous, because you're too lazy and daftly insensate to realize that I was actually spoon-feeding you URL to an actual study published in Oxford Journals by Dr. Eran Elhaik, an Israeli geneticist, working at Johns Hopkins' Bloomberg's own little lab countering the very flat-earth pre-Copernican "Rhine Valley origin" narrative you were spewing, because it's inconvenient to your irrational AIPAC-weekend-seminar-talking-points-juice-filled-dildo-fcuking 'mind.'

If you've ever read ANY of some 1100 nodes & 5500 comments I've written here, so far, you'd notice how preposterously 'she doth protests too much'-you come off, and how utterly vacuously moronic your accusations sound to me and to EVERYONE and ANYONE else here who is not a primate, who is literate, and have read or at least come across/perused even just a few among the thousands of my past posts, threads, replies and writings, along with numerous Daily Paul Front-Page posts.

I don't much care for you, so it's impossible to 'get hurt' because your words don't mean much, even less than you yourself, even though obviously people choose to resort to deploying kindergarten name-calling, when their intellect fails to properly convey their emotions, for the specific purpose of hoping to 'hurt' the feelings of those whom they deemed 'adversarial or antagonistic' to their seismically engorged insecure egos.

You want to know the thing though?

I'm not mad at ya, at all: I'm more SADdened and disappointed that someone, whose past comments that I have had the pleasure of reading, I'd agree with about 90% of the time, would reveal himself to be such a petulant buffoon, who lacks the ironic funnybone to realize how awesomely sad pitiful it is that you'd resort to a neoCon POS smear tactic befitting the height of their animosity toward Dr. Ron Paul for comments they disagreed with, because unlike them, the Doc could, like an adult, discern policy fact from propaganda fiction.

It's like who hasn't met a an asshole online?

But, it's just doubly sad and doubly pitiful that I had to meet one here at DailyPaul.

And, you know why I'm not writing this to you privately?

Because I want this on the record, and want everyone else here to know, what you do, when you become desperate, and intellectually challenged: you pull a RINO anti-Ron Paul-esque smear job straight out of SPLC Playbook.

Now, at this point, I'm not interested in engaging with you, in any manner. Even from your reply, and past replies, you're far more enamored with talking to yourself in the whirlwind of your delusions, anyway. So why would it be any different, either way?

Frankly, the schit you tried to smear me with, and directly alluded to, are irrevocably irresponsible, empty, and frankly unforgivable.

But seeing as how I don't hold a grudge, I will finish off with the proceeding, simple following:.

Kindly, Fcuk Off.

So that I can get back to conversing with my beloved r3VOL and other fine folks, here at the DailyPaul.

Don't bother: won't be replying.

With that, I bid you a big FU adieu, like forever.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul