Comment: There is no good to shutting down

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There is no good to shutting down

It's not a real shutdown.

Under Republican control, from 2000-2008, the United States doubled the national debt. The creation of the Department of Homeland Security also saw the largest expansion of the federal government since the New Deal.

Under Democrat control, from 2008 to 2013, the United States doubled the national debt.

Two sides of the same coin. I'll give you a Republican House, a Republican Senate, a Republican President, and a conservative judiciary. You will get George Bush v2.0.

Similarly, I'll give you a Democrat House, a Democrat Senate, a Democrat President, and a liberal judiciary. You'll get Obama 2.0.

If the government is "shut down", 800,000 federal employees will go on furlough, but many areas of government will continue, including attacks on Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other Middle Eastern countries. Only the poor will suffer who are on disability or need to get federal aid. The credit rating of the United States will begin to suffer again.

As far as "consequences" from the Affordable Healthcare Act, there are none. No part of the law other than the existing preconditions clause has been put in place.

Delaying its implementation for a year is stupid, since it needs to be implemented incrementally. This means one step at a time. This is a large overhaul. Whether or not the bill can be afforded by the people is undecided, since its implementation is not complete. Any other statement is simply subjective and not factual. If no one can afford it, no one will use it.

People will never be treated like "Congress" with their exemption, because Congressman are corrupt multi-millionaires and 90% of the rest of the population aren't. Multi-millionaires do not need comprehensive health insurance coverage. They may want it, but they do not need it. They provide it to their employees, through their corporations, because they were required to under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. If more people work less hours for more money, this may actually be good for purchasing power, and would be the free market working around a government imposed problem.

On face value, whether or right or wrong, shutting down the government is pure politics. The political analysts on both sides have likely looked at the risks. The Democrats will see a small uptick in popularity during this time period, and the Republicans will rally their base, but lose some populist support. Members of Congress talking about special interest groups being exempt from the law are total hypocrites. They are being funded almost directly by the AMA and other healthcare lobbies. The long term impact of the shutdown could be disastrous for the working poor, far more than the Affordable Healthcare Act.

There are no proposals about working across the aisle. There are no discussions about bargaining. This is a false argument. The only goal of the House Republicans has been to defund the entire law to force the Senate's hand, which is never going to happen.

These are mostly the facts, like it or not. Two arms of the same body, two sides of the same coin, two appendages of the same creature.