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Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel has been stating, since the 1980s, and perhaps earlier, that Iran has been 4 years away from developing a nuclear weapon that could reach Israel. He has used this tactic to get re-elected again and again. Israel is a militaristic country controlled by authoritarians and religious zealots.

Iran is no angel, but there is no evidence to suggest that a nuclear weapons program is being developed, or that they are anywhere near close to getting nuclear weapons. Iran and Syria still hold mutual defense pacts with Russia, and the Russian Federation has sent them S300 anti-aircraft missile systems. These systems are state-of-the-art and untested against US air power.

This intervention prevents the US from creating a no-fly zone around Syria or Iran, or violating their airspace. It also risks escalating a chain of events that could lead to a direct war or proxy war against the Russians, like Vietnam or the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Russians and Chinese have put their feet down as far as how much they will allow the US to intervene in the Middle East.

There is no credible threat from Iran or Syria until we start launching cruise missiles from destroyers in the Mediterranean. Then they will have a reason to sponsor terrorist attacks against the United States and her allies.

The United States and Iran entered direct talks for the first time since 1979 just last week. This shows that the US realizes that an overthrow of Iran's existing government is not going to happen, and that the new regime in Iran seems willing to pledge towards non-nuclear proliferation. It also looks like Syria will surrender its chemical stockpiles to the Russians and sign the international convention on chemical weapons of 1993.

This takes away a reasonable "cause for war" or casus belli, which has been sought by emperors and war mongers for thousands of years.