Comment: Based on the video evidence...

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Based on the video evidence...

It appeared to me, from what is on video, that one of the bikers abruptly decided to pull in front of the SUV, and then immediately slow down. This caused the SUV to rear-end the bike. The biker's actions looked to be intentional, as though he meant to get rear-ended but wanted to time it so he wouldn't get hit too hard and likely be badly hurt. The SUV did appear to be trapped on all sides, so changing lanes or abruptly braking himself, would have likely led to someone else getting hit. This looks like a gang that trying to get a lawsuit or settlement.

The SUV stops for the initial collision. Then, for what was likely good reason, the driver (with wife and child in car) takes off running over multiple bikes, fleeing the scene. Based on the actions of the bikers, before and after the SUV fleeing the initial rear-ending, I'm guessing the bikers were threatening and hostile to the family after the 'accident'. That's why they took off like that, I'm guessing. It's a young yuppie family, surrounded by a gang of 30 or 40 hostile bikers in New York City. They had every right to put their lives and safety first. The bikers clearly could have cared less about risking their own lives, or those of the family in the SUV.

Now the gang was really pissed.

IMHO, the driver of the SUV was absolutely justified in his actions. If it was me I can guarantee you I would have been much more aggressive if they tried to intimidate and attack me. There would be multiple flattened biker gang members scattered around Manhattan.
As another poster stated too, this is a good example of why gun free zones provide havens for criminal gangs like these punks. And you saw their numbers. Meaning you're gonna need some a lot of gun! 7 rounds ain't gonna cut it New York!!

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