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{*{*{*{ My fancy pancy two cents }*}*}*}

hahaha...just felt like repeating a fancy subject line like I use to when I wanted to stress my point.

Anyway, my two cents on things would be... I liked The Granger back in 2007 and always felt in sync with her posts. The Granger of 2012..not so much. Seems to me she grew differently than I did. That being said, while I didn't agree with her very much anymore I still liked the fact that she posted. It gave me something to think about...something to be mad at...practice on my debating skills..and hell...simply something to even "feel" about.

It's a sad day when you let someone's differing opinion or beliefs stifle your own because you are too busy knocking them.

I say..let her back if you want. Let her come back if she wants. The wonderful thing about that is anyone who doesn't like her can just ignore her posts and be an adult. Those that want to read her posts can.

If folks here are that weak that they can't cope with differing opinions they really should re-evaluate what they believe about the 1st amendment and even the point of Liberty in it's entirety. And they also may want to pick a much less controversial movement to be a part of since we're always going to be "the tinfoil hats" of our day.

Again, just my two cents.
Much Luv & Respect...
Jan (oh and Manystrom...until the day you close the site you'll be stuck with me. I am not really a "move on" kinda gal....hahahahaha)