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Comment: I tangled with the Granger a

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I tangled with the Granger a

I tangled with the Granger a few times, in a spirited but good natured way. She's a little too tight with the establishment for my taste, much as Rand is for many of the people here. But I never doubted her sincerity. It is so easy to make judgements here in space, where theory SHOULD BE our reality. But in the real world, we watch day by day, moment by moment, the destruction of our country. What the hell do I do, I ask myself daily. I think in response to the Granger's own self questioning, she chose to try to work from within, much like the famed fellow travelers who made the "long walk through the system." It is unfortunate that so many here would judge those actions traitorous, particularly when so many of those same people do nothing.