Comment: In the end, it is your property to do as you will...

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In the end, it is your property to do as you will...

Once the Granger went off the deep end I stopped posting anywhere near her posts as anyone that disagreed was labeled and an argument ensued. The posting guidelines seemed to be violated each time as anyone who simply disagreed with her was quickly responded to in a vile and hate filled manner. This violated the sites own posting guidelines:

No profane, disrespectful or divisive language
Do not post racist, sexist, pornographic or otherwise obscene materials
Do not engage in flame wars, personal attacks on other members, incite or encourage violence, post spam or advertisements.
No Assholes™

I have never seen a user call so many people haters, racists, and the like for simply disagreeing. I do not know Granger, nor do I care to simply because of the divisiveness, and was amazed that for so long the vile nature of attacks against anyone that disagreed was allowed to continue. Again, it falls back on you Michael. If you want this type of person so apt to attack others back it is your choice, but I do remember so many others that were removed without remorse for much less.

I am like you in a sense that I do not care about the Israel argument, but each time I read the posts and saw others being attacked for expressing a differing opinion I wondered how long it would be allowed to continue. While I could understand if the posts were in the least bit racist, I could not find any posts that would deserve the responses I read, it was almost as if the SPLC had sent a poster here to control the conversation and to ensure that only one opinion reigned under the guise of anti Jewish control, not much unlike the media so often is guilty of. I do remember a time years ago when the posts made by the Granger was sensible, but of late it appeared that the account had been hijacked or the person on the other end was unstable and irrational, but even those that find their own God do not deserve to come in using religion to attack others that simply disagree.

So all in all it is your call, but I only ask that you pay close attention to how each and every post is swayed to those that disagree as anti Semites, because in 2016 you can rest assured this will be used to label all of us, the same as the media works with the left to scare the public for any and all Liberty based sites, and uses this material in a twisted manner to show that everyone here is racist. I may be completely wrong and only sharing my opinion, but the recent comments made by Reid on the floor certainly look to be the setup for this type of political attack, and I have always found the DP a place to be able to discuss anything, without reading lies and accusations of that nature.

I have said it before, I hope the Granger gets help, as it was my opinion that a severe mental issue had occurred and wish her only the best, but the reality is a liability is a liability in the end.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an