Comment: After following all the Cspan

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After following all the Cspan

After following all the Cspan debates, speeches and positions and because my mind now operates on a different level of consciousness (or paranoia)...I have leary thoughts that this was indeed a planned shutdown and the Republicans are the target to take the blame. Pelosi is a Bad Actress...and Reid is an intransigent Neanderthal. This whole endeavour is so Chicago and so Obama. The democratic regime will save scads of money with non-essential worker lay offs.It is too unreasonable that any congressperson would again accept holus bolus any bill before the fact based on Obama's word. REALLY! How stupid do we all have to be? In the aftermath of Obamacare analysis..and with all the complaints, problems and inaccuries surrounding this Bill...what has Reid or the Democrats done to make it "better". Nothing! I'm not sure where Boehner really stands on all this but the political opening to go after the Bill was there due to democrats amateurish incompetence and bullying to demand their way and then claim to be victims ("hostages") of Republican manoevering with insults, whining and tantrums. This WH REGIME must go!What an embarrassment they are to themselves.