Comment: I haven't heard the explanation coming from the police...

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I haven't heard the explanation coming from the police...

and I don't mind calling certain officers sh%$birds when the situation warrants. On the other hand, the public by and large has no idea what is going on inside local and state police departments. The fusion center crap pushed by the Southern Poverty Law Center is unbelievable. Eventually, everyone is a terrorist, and people here at the Daily Paul have been exposed to this nonsense. Libertarians, people who support Ron Paul, the Gadsden Flag are all signs of domestic terrorists so be careful Mr. Police Officer, you never know when those Tea Party people are going to strike. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Problem: Local and state police are getting too aggressive with the general public.

Reaction: People are up in arms with the aggressive attitudes and actions of the local and state police.

Solution: Laws are passed in Washington dissolving local and state police departments and making all police departments federal.

I, for one, don't want this to happen. If anyone thinks this is a good idea, I would ask them to watch the videos of the ATF, FBI, military siege at Waco over and over until they get the point. The Feds can be far more aggressive and dangerous than local or state police. They have access to military equipment (tanks and helicopters), CS gas, flash bang grenades, millions of rounds of bullets, and an unlimited budget to burn your house down killing everyone in it, and NEVER be held responsible. In fact, it will be your fault. Innocent people will be spending time in prison while the federal law enforcement alphabet walk away feeling perfectly justified, having been found not to have violated "policy."

When Chuck Schumer proclaimed in a Senate hearing on Waco, that a flash bang grenade is not an incendiary, keep in mind this is the level of intelligence or inhuman deception we're dealing the end, as happens in so many cases, there will be no justice.

Problems with local and state law enforcement need to be worked out on the local and state level, allowing the feds to take over will make a bad situation worse.