Comment: True loss

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True loss

Caveat: I dislike forum funerals

Her presence is missed. She has an ability to make one step back & think to themselves "hmm.. I missed that venue of thought while integrating a belief structure in my spirit"

I personally revered her continuous downvotes (I did not contribute) & found them equally as valuable as upvotes... But then again, I do not hold much value in the voting game because the theory behind it fails. When one person brings ideas to the table that can make you question the method at which you have reached your conclusion, the tendency for a roving troll mob mentality exists in no different form than the same script that kept Dr. Paul out of the WH.(IMHO)

I do not contribute much but read often & have wondered why is it? Because I am a coward, dumb, inarticulate, etc?

I have discovered why: Just a couple weeks ago I read a quote from another DP'er (apologies, I do not remember who) that changed much of my life & how I look at things. It pertained to a monk advising to stop looking for truth, and simply fail to cherish opinion. The 'truth' may be different at any given time & from any given perspective.

It is the dialogue of opinions of those who may hold conflicting truths that has allowed the education & growth of a remnant to eagerly desire liberty & peace.

Where the dialogue stops, growth stops.

Whether or not Granger went from being a 'kooky RP bot' to a neocon is still opinion. In my opinion, I will miss the opportunity that Granger granted by cleverly inserting insight that I had overlooked.

I try not to cherish opinion, however, I value the opportunity to reflect upon it. I will miss the reflections that Granger granted me over the years.