Comment: Women are like busses...

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Women are like busses...

There's no point in chasing them when they pull away.

(I don't think you need to do anything. We were able to deal with her 5 or 6 years ago hearing about how Ralph Nader walked on water and other dubious "truths." We'll deal with her when she comes back or shows up in person.)

To carpavel below: Good move on the farming. I hope you have been able to transition to an honest career too.

Final comment to Michael: My mother-in-law says, "An intelligent person is never bored." Nothing is scripted for a creative thinking person. I don't feel scripted. I feel that lot's of people have made some progress in their thinking, and a lot of people have moved on from the Daily Paul. We should definitely get together in meat space. (Yes, these are disjointed random thoughts---you can put it together.)