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Granger if this is you....welcome back

Look I don't have a love fest over Israel like you do.....but i do love the truth. I stand with RP and say....Israel has a right to exist and run their country the way they see fit just like all the other countries do.

Palestine has never been a country… was a region…before the West came in and starting drawing lines all over the place and setting up governments. RP thinks we should leave and that’s good enough for me. Don’t get drawn into defending each accusation, they will never let up. Trust me I have been at war with them since you left…..but they never understood…..I could care less about Israel (no offense), but I care about the truth and they just didn’t want to hear it.
Here is a site that I thought was good….you probably know all this, but I was ignorant to it. But I know I am not stupid enough to believe the crap they were spewing.