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Since you're asking for opinions.
I personally never cared what people contributed. I would find the gems and leave the trash.

What really turned me off is the ego that somehow gets manifested here. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of self confidence too. Ask my wife, she hates it when I flex in the

It's when the forum focus goes from topics of discussion surrounding philosophy, history, current events, money etc... To a spotlight on that blogger. What makes it worse is when the blogger shines the light on themselves attempting to become the center of attention.

Usually titling their posts by using their name in the 3rd person. "Should the Granger Stay? " or " Skippy D's take on the holocaust "

These are people that hurt the site and take away from what makes it great. These are people that are usurping and hijacking this awesome place for their own self serving interest and attention seeking.

That is why you have moderation. To drown that out. I recall everyone piling on Legalize Liberty which was terrible, but I think in the end Tom realized he may have brought much of that on himself. Same goes for Granger, Fishy, Skippy, etc.... These are always the ones to get banned. In Toms case he was wise enough to diffuse the situation.

On the specific topic of Granger, I really think everyone has something good to contribute. But if it were up to me I would say goodbye to Granger. Its healthy for people to disagree and usually how we learn but in the case of Granger I think you'll find more than disagreement.

Granger came across as a contrarian on almost every subject. It was not a discussion or difference in a opinion. It was very contrived to create a dissension and divide people while effectively placing focus on herself and feeding the ego. This became more and more evident as time went on.

You really don't need people like this here Michael. They are the source of the cancer.

Frankly, I could do without her.

I think your energy would be better focused on re branding, strengthening or upgrading. Daily Paul is like a business. What worked yesterday may not apply today. Keep your principles and foundation but grow with the changes.

Stay above this Michael...Ron Paul pulled you aside at one time and talked to you after the C4L issue and gave you some sound advice. That advice was not just for that subject, he was giving you something special. Some wisdom and guidance.

Its going to work out, you're a stud!


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