Comment: I tried blocking her

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I tried blocking her

and then huge sections of a given thread would disappear making them unreadable. It's like you own the movie theater, and we're all coming to watch the shows, discuss them and to buy things from the concession stand. We're all here to share the experience, but there would be Granger with her ten gallon hat wrapped in Christmas lights wandering from one movie to the next, talking loudly, spoiling the plot lines etc etc. It becomes hard to ignore.

You have a big heart Michael that is obvious, but if you are longing for a particular time of the past, trying to capture a feeling of when things were new and exciting by holding onto one thing, in this case member #408, that in itself creates a sense of predictability. It shuts the door to new ideas and prospects.

I always disliked the "pecking order" comments, where someone would get shouted down because they were a "noob". If the person is trolling or just did not a fit with the free-thinking ideals of the Liberty movement it would become self evident based on the content of what they were saying, not based on their member date.

I don't know what Granger's deal is. When I noticed her early on, I gave her some respect for putting in the time to attend GOP meetings and becoming a delegate and whatever, but how far does that cred go? I come here for news and insight that is as close to being unfiltered as possible. You, being the creator of this site as well as the gardener are doing a great job (mods also). If Granger comes back, what will it be like? Who knows...but if it's like the height of her breakdown it will be...essentially...predictable.