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Comment: It's laughable how the

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It's laughable how the

It's laughable how the democrats parrot the same words as those Republicans have been trying to tell us for months. The stand off is real...but the shutdown is not real enough! They stand to gain a lot of revenue with lay off of non-essential workers. The (Democrats) refuse to tackle items singularly. They only want the whole package (whatever is buried in there) accepted first then discussed. Get real REID. Who could possibly believe you or Obama. Your words have no value. I don't trust the Republican either but I feel they are playing "the political game" with more finesse. The democrat regime is an embarrassment to themselves...The more they fling the vitriolic insults, tantrums, whining at individual republicans for doing their job as elected the more it detracts from any Democrat credibility under Obama's regime. Their intransigence to non-negotiate Obamacare is nothing more than an ego trip regardless of all the backlash, complaints, problems, inequities surrounding this highly controversial and flawed law.