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You're funny.

First, I'd like to point out that it is YOU who has turned this thread into the DPs anti-semitic two minute hate thread of the day. Now, onto the science:

Perhaps you missed where in the study it stated that the original Judeo-Khazars were JUDEAN (Palestine) in origin.

So, yes, it disagrees with your neonazi (or perhaps adopted from neonazi) irrational theories about Khazars not being "real" Jews.

Perhaps you also missed the part about european Jews being descendant from Israeli-Palestinian emigrees.

And that despite the differences between the two populations the genetic similarity between the two is still remarkable.

Further that Greco-Romans Jews, Mesopotamian Jews, and Judeans and Khazar Jews.

That the conclusions of the study needs to be cited WITH CAUTION due to it's crude methods used for assessment.

Lastly, NO HAPLOGROUP anaylsis was conducted.

Therefore "AnCap", the certainty with which you speak is not only not warranted, you betray your anti-semitic bias by citing a study whose conclusions both undermine your argument of Israelis not being "real Jews" but also by propogating completely false Aryan neonazi theories about who is a "real" Jews, as if you are some kind of expert.