Comment: Everyone should remember ...

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Everyone should remember ...

... Rand Paul is himself a medical doctor. He lives in Kentucky, and he has more than a passing interest in the laws ... especially when it comes to health insurance.

I can only say that I am reporting what he said. HE is the one who brought this up and made a point about it, like in, "It has gotten so bad, that in my home state of Kentucky, where there used to be 30 health insurance companies, there are only two ... and ONE of those ... is no longer covering for anything outside of Kentucky. So if I am in Washington, DC and I get a heart attack, I won't be covered."

To me, this means this ONE insurance company (he made a point it was one of the two, so this is not industry-wide -- yet) will NOT COVER ANYTHING occurring outside of Kentucky.

THAT is why it was shocking. I have never heard of this. And he brought it up as an example of how outrageous things are getting.

Carry on.