Comment: Horrible

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These videos feel like they just get worse and worse. These officers should be on trial for aggravated assault. When they had this kid in cuffs and face down on the ground, that should have been the end (though in absolutely no way were the officers justified to even attack this kid in the first place for mouthing off). That they kept pounding him after he was zero "threat" is just plain assault. Add the whole canine thing to the mix puts this off the charts.

To that idiot who is defending these cops (saying the kid "asked for it and got it"), how in the world can you consider defending such behavior. Even if you think it was okay for the cops to attack him for mouthing off, how can you defend them beating him while face down on the pavement while in cuffs? And several orders of magnitude higher, how can you defend the canine thing? This is just pure police brutality. How the eff were these guys not immediately suspended?!? Every one of those guys should be on trial. That was absolutely disgraceful.