Comment: I worked as a security guard

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I worked as a security guard

I worked as a security guard before and had kids mouth off to me from time to time, some just like this kid.

However, instead of losing my head and kicking the shit out of them I de-escalated the situation by talking to them and explained what was wrong and what expectations they had to follow. If you dont go around power tripping and do your job professionally you actually earn people's respect and it makes the job much easier. You know, being a functional PART of the community and not at WAR with the community like these cops think they are.

All the cops had to do was walk up and say "Listen kid, it sucks you got thrown out but trust me they just saved you a bunch of money you would have lost in there anyway. Why dont you just go home kid. If you continue this, we are going to have to forcibly remove you but we dont want that and you definitely dont want that..."

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