Comment: BELIEVE IT - out of system does NOT "cover" you

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BELIEVE IT - out of system does NOT "cover" you

This Obamacare is not very different from HillaryCare. (Pre-existing conditions were not covered back then but that doesn't relate to this debate.) Clinton and Gore test ran HillaryCARE in their home states of Arkansas and Tennessee. My wife and I were just married and had our first on the way... covered by BCBS of TN. HillaryCare struck and the Doctors and Hospital systems dropped BCBS of TN when they took over TennCARE for Gore.(the TN socialized insurance) All out of state systems refused to accept BCBS of TN. We were forced to move back to Tennessee solely because of the lack of services. Only two hospitals INSIDE of TN would serve us. The Med in Memphis and a teaching hospital in Knoxville. We paid over $800 a month for our insurance because my wife had to go on COBRA when we had to relocate to Memphis and yet were treated like the filth who suck at the teat of entitlement. (a citizen of Memphis) Complete malpractice sums it up. Don't doubt your bleeding heart - ABSOLUTELY services are cut off when out of state and you pay full price if you have emergencies. The hospitals are going to serve emergencies whether you have insurance or not, but you are going to receive a bill. Our situation became very involved and resulted in financial ruin. Now after 20 years of marriage and struggle we have finally built it back in time to buy a home at the peak of the market and suffer Obamacare.