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You're right though, some people did downvote her for no other reason than the fact that she had an unpopular (on this site) POV, even when she wasn't being an abrasive, accusatory twit. The same thing happens to me (and everyone else at one point or another) whenever I don't join in on the latest conspiracy theory circlejerks or point out logical fallacies. I guess the herd mentality is inescapable to a degree.

Personally I always read heavily downvoted comments, because sometimes they contain an uncomfortable truth that some 'free-thinkers' would rather not hear.

All that said, toward 'the end', I saw Granger as the flip side of the coin in relation to the "blame Israel for everything" crowd. Not necessarily a good thing or bad thing IMO, but I don't have a dog in the hunt in either case.

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