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Hiya ...

... just to clarify, stock brokers (not banks) make margin loans to buy stocks on margin, and those rules are determined by the Federal Reserve under Regulation T.

QE money was generated out of nothing and went to the banks. Then, the banks used it to buy government bonds and other gov't securities from the Federal Reserve, which means the Federal Reserve bought the banks' toxic assets (bailing them out of their corrupt mortgage lending), as well as US treasuries (the Fed has been the #1 lender to the US gov't during this time of massive gov't spending increases).

TARP was basically the same thing, just a different name. The banks got the money from the Fed, then turned around and used it to buy and swap their bad assets for the Fed's "good" treasuries.

Anyone closely associated with the Fed and it's Prime Banks (Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase) were the ones who got rich -- and yes, that means the Military Industrial Complex, the bankers, and the bureaucrats.

So yeah, I think you've got it.