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I'm not kidding at all.

Here's the link to zooamerica's comment I was replying to:

It's directly above my comment which is nested under it. (perhaps it is hidden for you since it has 14 downvotes, but that link should make it show up.)

You'll see that phrase in the third sentence.

My comment was that zooamerica was essentially saying with that phrase is that theft using lethal force is sometimes necessary.

Of course, I vehemently disagree with theft using lethal force - aka taxation. And I don't believe it is ever necessary.

I'd challenge you to find any comment I've made elsewhere on taxation that says otherwise.

I've in fact, made this point many times here on DP.

You seem to be the only one who misinterpreted my comment as meaning I actually do not think taxation is theft, when I was in fact saying exactly that I think it is. That maybe should be a clue for you of your error.