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Well ...


(1) A plant-based diet is not the healthiest diet. Quite the opposite, actually.

(2) Protein is absolutely mandatory as a macronutrient in the diet, as it breaks down into amino acids, which are used to build every cell in your body. Without dietary protein, your body will break down your muscle cells to get the amino acids needed.

(3) Did you know that before the invention of insulin injections that doctors CURED diabetes by putting diabetics on a ZERO carb diet? It worked 100% of the time. Did you know how doctors diagnosed diabetes? They tasted the person's urine to find out if it was sweet (sugar).

(4) Raw food is generally better than cooked food, and certainly better than packaged, chemically-laden food. That is probably the main reason you are not (yet) getting ill from your plant-based diet. You are getting the maximum nutrients you can from the plant foods, which is nowhere near what you could get from meat.

(5) Animal food diets do not cause stiffness and irritation. Quite the opposite. Bowel problems are caused by fiber in the diet, which comes from plant foods. An animal food diet causes no discomfort whatsoever.

(6) Fat does not "coat the bloodstream." Dietary fat breaks down into fatty acids which are mandatory for human health. Carbohydrates break down into glucose, which causes all sorts of health problems -- including insulin resistance due to high blood sugar. There is no debate on this topic as far as the science is concerned: dietary fat does NOT raise blood sugar, and dietary carbs DO.

(7) Amino acids are "irritating to cells?????" You're kidding, right? Amino acids are MANDATORY in building ALL cells in your body. Irritating? Where did you ever hear that. It is the exact opposite.

(8) My guess is that your improved health has to do with going from a mixed diet to one that is much more raw food. Even though you would be far healthier on an all-animal diet, you are better off doing what you are doing that on the "typical" Western diet of junk.

(9) You are more alert with eggs in your diet. Exactly! Animal foods. Thank you.

(10) Robert Atkins did not die of a heart attack.

What do I see? I USED to think the way you do. I even tried being a vegan for about 6 months. But I gave it up because I did not look or feel healthy. Since then, I have read other opinions, and have reached the conclusion that writers of vegan books are dishonest in what they say about plant vs. animal food.

I will post some videos that show the science, as well as why so many think completely wrong about nutrition (hint: it has A LOT to do with the government).