Comment: Principles are a subcategory

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Principles are a subcategory

Principles are a subcategory of love. We determine our principles based on love. For example, I do not steal. Why? Because a violation of this principle is a violation of love. Do not lie. Same reason. Do not murder. Same reason. The general principle to describe the sub-principles is love your neighbor as yourself. Love does no harm to one's neighbor. Love is the complete fullness of the purpose of all laws (laws are principles). Our lives will be a journey to strive toward love since no one in practice is able to love one's neighbor as oneself. What is the basis of love? Love is God. God is love. All the principles of righteousness and justice and mercy are in their fullness in the person of God. We are persons, too, with the potential to be perfect, because we were created in God's image, but each one has fallen to his own way. His own way meaning fallen away from love. So why then love? To get back, to prevent a falling further. Because we know that the opposite of love is hate and hate leads to suffering and despair. Does it follow that the opposite of hate leads to happiness and hope? So we make a choice to pursue love because we believe love is in our best interest. Also, if everyone loved one other then our true potential could be reached. What do we need then? A perfect model of a man who became perfect through love. The greatest form of love is to freely give one's life for the lives of one's friends. We are God's friends if we believe in love, if we believe (choose to pursue) in Him who is love.