Comment: while I couldn't join in the love fest--

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while I couldn't join in the love fest--

for the country that can't be named--

I can see the huge character flaws in the countries I "like" (Iceland, Japan)--

I am not blind to the flaws of any country--

so I can't be patriotic to any country--

I appreciate the fact that Granger was trying to make a case for the fact that the U.N. was using every faction, every group of oligarchs to bring down the sovereign nations--

I don't agree with the details, and I am not anti-Muslim (or anti-Jew)--

but I think she may have a point about how those behind the U.N. who pull the strings do not care which countries they destroy or use--

or which mob of gangsters serves them--

they want destruction of all that is good--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--