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I remember one particular

I remember one particular story about King Arthur that impressed me the most. It's the story where he implemented a new court system based on the phrase "Innocent, until proven guilty". This was during the time when mobs had no true justice system at all and where if you had enough people on your side that believed you were guilty, they could execute you at any time.

One of the criminals who was actually guilty was aqcuitted under this new court system introduced by King Arthur. The criminal couldn't understand it, he thought he was a goner. So he asked King Arthur if it was acceptable under this new system that there was a risk that the guilty was allowed to go free. King Arthur looked straight at him and said: "Yes, anything to preserve the innocents." The criminal who was saved by this new system even though he was guilty was in awe. For someone living in barbaric times, to meet someone who would go this far for the innocents, this man was the pinnacle of true justice. And because he felt this deep compassion coming from King Arthur, the criminal knew shame and confessed in order to atone for his sins.


I don't know where I heard this particular story, I heard it when I was pretty young. But it's this story that had the profoundest impact on me concerning justice. It's this story that truly made me understand justice in its ultimate form. Of course, the details might slightly differ, but this was the basic gist of it.