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Thank you...

It's starts with conceptualizing the idea, then it is up to us individual Americans to implement it, little by little. We really need to do our homework. Patriots need to seek out like-minded individuals in our communities, and begin to organize, starting with organizing our thoughts and ideas. I think the DP is one great venue for that, on a larger scale.

Find like-minded, patriotic individuals in / around your community.
Throwing parties, barbecues and other events to attract people to something enjoyable, is a good way to get people to show up. Integrate the more serious aspects of regular citizens' militias with fun activities (sports, games, food, movies, etc.) that are consistent with or supportive of the ideas you are trying to present. Keep these things up, to keep attracting new people, and keep bringing people back. Do different kinds of things for people with different interests. Have something for the kids, something for the women, something for the men. se holidays like the 4th of July, President's day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, etc.. to provide a good excuse for these patriotic events...

Other ideas? Please chime in!

I have actually been kind of hoping some people will criticize this idea, and try to take it apart, so I could go through the different scenarios and show just how well it actually could work.

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