Comment: (((((((((((((MN & DP community))))))))))))))

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(((((((((((((MN & DP community))))))))))))))

Dear ((((((Michael and DP community)))))),

THANK YOU for the second chance on DP. I have retaken my original nickname, The Granger, and eliminated the other name and personal message because most here know how I feel about the state that shall not be named.

It’s been said by other posters on DP better, and perhaps kinder than me, as to why I stopped posting. I apologize to those who are offended by my “conversion” and new found respect for the state that shall not be named. I didn’t make the posts to upset people, but merely to share what I have found, what I have learned. Some of you have NO interest. I respect that, just as I respect that we are all individuals, each with our own gifts, talents, blessings, and opinions, questions, struggles, suffering, life and love. For as long as I’ve been on DP, the best thing, besides the outstanding layout, formats and options, personal care I have not found on any other website, is the honest community feedback whether one likes it, agrees with it, or not.

The late great Jerry Garcia once replied when asked why he had such a big following out side the commercial music industry, “It’s like black licorice. Not everyone likes black licorice, but the people who like black licorice really, really, like black licorice.

To those who support Black Licorice being in the “candy arcade” of DP, THANK YOU for your support and standing up for my liberty. “When they came for The Granger, you were not the Granger, but you stood for the Granger’s rights to be The Granger, and I appreciate that effort very much. THANK YOU.

The solution? I don’t know. I thought maybe DP could create an exhile Island, where people who have crossed the line can go for a time out, with those who are not exhiled able to visit?

THANK YOU ALL (((((MN & DP))))) for the second chance. May PEACE and Love prevail and triumph and long may DP ride on that train.