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We spell it like 'G - d' because...

You are not supposed to say G-d's name, of course. But it is not just about His name. You are not supposed to pretend as though you know what or who G-d is... The idea is that we are not acting like we fully conceptualize and fully understand G-d.

When you say "God" is a title, and not a name, I would just like to know where you get that assumption? I mean, why would you assert that? Do you personally know G-d's true name? Did He, or someone else tell you that it's just a title?

Why would you ask me this question, the way you did, instead of just respecting my faith? You didn't just ask me why I spell the word out as 'G-d', but you asserted that I was incorrect for doing so, or that when I do that it is unnecessary. You don't hear me calling you out for taking the Lord's name (any name or title that refers to Him) in vein.
So what's the real purpose of your question? To belittle, or invalidate my beliefs?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?