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automobiles with 4 wheels can stop faster than motorcycles. I know that sounds weird but motorcycles only have 2 wheels with small contact patches between the road and the tire. An SUV has 4 tires with wide contact patches.

They teach this in motorcycle safety classes. So, the SUV should have been able to stop faster than the motorcycle.

I ride motorcycles and have for a longtime. From what I see in the video the first bike did not slam on his brakes. It was more of a deceleration. I am not sure what occurred before the video starts but I can not see a reason the SUV hit the bike other than he was looking away or he was frustrated and hit him.

Here is where it gets interesting. Most people seem to lump all the bikers together against the SUV, but I see it differently. Everyone stops after the accident which would be normal. There are riders stopped in front of the SUV that stay with their bikes and from what I can see they are not involved in the accident and are not being aggressive. They are just stopped with the group. The SUV takes off running over the bikes and a rider in front of him. That rider is now in a coma and paralyzed according to online reports. Once that happened the SUV committed a hit and run.

I just try to separate out the parties involved. As a libertarian I do not believe in punishing the whole group just because of the actions of a few people. Punish the actual bikers involved and the SUV driver.

For example: what if the SUV driver would have drove on a sidewalk and ran over a pedestrian? Would it have been justified because he was scared?

I would see it differently if he ran over a biker that was attacking his SUV.

Also, all in the news comments on sites people have been saying how he should have shot them all and how they would have killed all the bikers. In reality it wouldn't have turned out that way. Say that the driver of the SUV pulled out a gun and started shooting at a biker. What would happen if another biker had a weapon and felt his life was in danger as an innocent bystander that was not involved in the incident accept being in the group ride that day.

I don't know all the facts but neither do any of the other people that are jumping on the bandwagon and blaming all the bikers. It is not as black and white as people are making it out to be. I can see both sides of the situation. If I were the SUV driver and felt threatened enough I might drive off too! If I was a biker that just saw a friend get ran over by an SUV I might chase them down and beat his ass!