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I suppose you could call this

I suppose you could call this my athiestic angle approach to the issue, but to me it all starts with love. From love, morality is born, from morality, principals are made possible.

Human morality is born from our ability to love and bond with other humans. That which we consider "moral" is that which affects (directly or indirectly) our loved ones in a positive way. That which we consider "evil" is that which causes them harm or suffering.

With morality established, we develop "principal" as a sort of "Social Compact" which will allow us to live in a society where our loved ones can be safe and prosperous. I.e. Reason tells us that if we don't protect others' loved ones with whatever principal we develop, no one will protect ours, and no one will be safe or prosperous.

Principals vary from human to human, society to society. The desired end is always the same (safe, prosperous society for our loved ones) however the methodology for getting their differs because of the various mythologies, philosophys and educations involved in coming up with a particular society's guiding "principals." Largley they have been failures due to insufficient application of human reason and a healthy dose of corruption.

The inevitable conclusion of reason: The highest (yet) achievment of Human Reason in the realm of civilization. Through thousands of years of trial and error, through a dangerous addiction to collectivism, the Human race finally draws near the only known logical conclusion of the persuite of the perfect "principal." The perfect social compact by which we as a society choose to live by in order to bring about the most freedom and prosperity for our loved ones: The Philosophy of Liberty and the Non-Agression Principal.

To be honest though, this is nothing new. "Do unto others as you'd have done unto you." pretty much summed it up thousands of years ago. Its only a matter of tilting the scales so that humans as a whole are willing to start waking the hell up. Thank you to Ron Paul, our modern Promethieus who brings illumination whilst managing to piss off all the gods.

Conclusion: Love is vastly superior to "principal" because not only do many people follow eronious and dangerous "principals" but principals built on "morality" are impossible without Love. Therfore if you allow an organization to develop "principal" such as a government, you will find a set of principals which do not come from love, but rather from a desire to enslave and control, and their "principal" or social compact will be bad for the human race in the end.

Much like "money"... "principal" will arrise naturally among humans who are capable of love.. and that isnt going to stop without some serious genetic tinkering by the banking empire.