Comment: Give Me A Break

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Give Me A Break

And I can tell you the way it works is you can always back off from a strong posture.

But if you let people like this kid walk on you good luck trying to regain any position of authority.

Maybe there's truth to your comment inside the prison system but this event took place outside a casino w/ a 20 year old kid. You really think that if the cops didn't attack that kid after he mouthed off that they couldn't have "regained authority"??? They all carry a gun, nightstick and a taser. Oh and there were like 6 of them. Plus they could've called for backup if they wanted to.

Probably your prison guard background has warped your thinking on this topic. Keep in mind that posse commitatus (in theory) prevents the military from policing domestically. The reason is that they have the "attack/kill" mindset rather than "peace officer". I think something similar is going on w/ you and your prison guard background.