Comment: I would agree with you on most points

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I would agree with you on most points

But it is important to remember that these programs were set up for well intentioned and good reasons during the time that they were set up. Most of what is suspended under the "shutdown" is 90% of what Americans consider social programs, i.e. the New Deal. I never agreed for the government to spend trillions of dollars when it was at or near budget surplus to go on a spending spree militarizing the police force of every county in this country after 9/11 or set up a crazy bureaucracy to monitor everyones phone calls and I don't think you did either. And I never authorized the social security trust fund to be raided and I don't think you did either.

At the end of the day (week, or month), the end result is that a lot of elderly people won't get their social security payments. A lot of poor people who are stuck, unable to opt-out of the system, which is a brilliant idea I might add, may be unable to buy food to feed their children.

There is an underclass in our society and it didn't start during the depression or after these laws were passed, but politicians did exploit these laws, or "social safety net" to line their own pockets. Large banks, health insurance lobbies, and even the unions are hedging their bets on which way this law will go.

But ultimately I do not think it is appropriate to shut down the government at this time, especially when we lost triple A credit rating and instead banned the credit rating agency. The entire world still recognizes Standard & Poor's and so does everyone in the entire country except for the Treasury Dept and the Federal Reserve. So with that being said, we are also supposed to be on some "war on terror". Now I never agreed with the idea of going to war with a verb or adjective either, but anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 soldiers are stationed in the assh*le of the earth in Afghanistan, and what kind of signal are we sending to them that the entire government is being shut down for political purposes.

We should bring them back as soon as possible.

I suppose I'm an "idealist"; well I would count my ideas as among the sane ones. Like pass a budget before you deal with a disagreement with healthcare, and start reducing the deficit by ending the empire building at once. I also believe these "entitlements" are obligations that have been made to the poor, sick, and elderly, and must be maintained until such a time that a transition is made possible to opt out.

Retirees should not be denied a single check, but they will be, while Congress continues in recess with full pay. I suppose they will collect interest on SSI. What is it, 0.0001%? This nation has failed the people as long as it is closed down and unwilling to take the steps necessary to fix the problems that are leading to a major economic collapse down the road.