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I'll try.

Democrat Socialists Plants 15%

Just here to push the democrat socialist agenda with occasionally lip service to libertarian view on civil liberties. Can't help but slip in a veiled complement of Barrack in every post. Is kind enough to occasionally warn us about the impending doom of Global Warming. Expresses confusion about all the fuss over the "economic recovery". Still lives with mom and dad.

Civil Liberties Libertarians/ economically moderate to liberal 15%

For Pot (on Pot), against drones, domestic spying etc. Willing to swallow large doses of economic socialism. Not even sure how economics fits into libertarianism. Dreams about Hemp. Dreams of a Jesse "The Body" Ventura / Howard Stern Ticket, Hates Rand Paul.

Conspiracists 15%

Everything is a conspiracy. No one can be trusted, Has memorize large swaths of "Creature from Jekyll Island", Can recite the entire Rothschild family tree, Believes 911 was perpetrated by the Feds, Has build a 3D reproduction of WTC 7 and recreates its destruction every night while the family sleeps. After one beer, assumes the Jews are behind everything. Sometimes gets a sick feeling in his gut that Ron Paul has been gotten to. Hates Rand Paul.

Libertarians 15%

Studies Austrian Economics for fun, spends hours trying to figure out how the free market could maintain roads and bridges.

Anarchists/ Survivalists 10%

Despises the Constitution. Has read an entire book on "Squirrel Hunting in The Urban Environment". Has watched every episode of "Mountain Men" ... three times. Keeps 200 lbs of dried beans and 4000 rounds of ammo in his bug out pickup at all times.

Converted Conservatives 15%

Originally despised Ron Paul. Started to kind of like him when imminent collapse became apparent. Until recently, has backed every war ever devised. Still listens to Rush Limbaugh.

Gold/Silver Bugs 5%

Has recurring nightmare about quantitative easing. Wants to audit the Fed...with machine guns. Has a Berneke dart board in his garage. Owned gold at $32 an once and could buy and sell all of us 42 times.

Constitutionalists/Originalists 10%

Keeps insisting on bringing up the tired old Constitution. Has it memorized. Has a "Don't Tread on Me" flag hanging in his garage. Develops difficulty breathing whenever he recalls the John Roberts decision.


As for me, I have to admit a love for the constitution. In retrospect, there are a lot of flaws and a lot of holes. But the wisdom and good intentions were also there, If you think about it, the founders saw all this coming and were fairly skeptical about the future, To me, the though of each and everyone of our elected officials swearing allegiance to that document, and then summarily marginalizing and destroying it is the most sickening thing in the world.

Patriotism is necessary. To my way of thinking, it is just another word for standing together in a dangerous world. But if you think about it, this patriotism or "standing together" must rest on ideas and not tribalism, or it becomes an evil thing. That is why I believe devotion to the constitution and its true meaning is the only real basis for patriotism.

I am also a Libertarian to a large degree. And I am a reformed conservative. I am probably now more of an isolationist than most of you. But I believe in defensive war, not interventionism. And I believe in always maintaining the ability to defend ourselves, I believe that America has been up to great mischief in the world (as Dr. Paul would say). But I also believe the world is a dangerous place and we should be forever vigilant.

Finally, while I poked fun at the conspiracists, is suspect there is much to a lot of the things they dwell on.

It occurs to me that I left at least one group out, the Apocalyptic Christians. These are the folks who see all things through the prism of Biblical prophecy (maybe 2% or so???). While I so not tend to blend religion and politics, I can see the plausibility of some cosmic good v. evil scenario playing out, and buy off on the general notion that mankind is headed for a judgement day of some sort. And probably justly so,