Comment: I'm talking about self defense.

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I'm talking about self defense.

ON the video evidence.

Regardless of how it started, it is apparent from the video that the bikers were running some sort of block on the SUV. They are obviously blocking all lanes and driving dangerously. For some reason this group within the group are getting in front of this guy and slowing down.

The biker that got hit didn't merely get in front and hit his brake. He accelerated and then engine braked to make the bike slow abruptly without the brake light illuminating. At least I don't see it. He was obviously antagonizing the SUV driver.

The SUV driver DID stop OR WAS stopped. Either way doesn't matter because when he did he was surrounded, which in itself is threatening, and apparently felt threatened when approached. It's not hard to tell when someone means you harm. We can just speculate as to what was happening beyond our view.

The second time he stopped was because the dumb ass biker stopped in front of some innocent vehicle who was in front of the SUV. That could have ended up badly. Again the SUV driver had the right to escape however he could.

In both cases, seeing that he was about to be assaulted he had no choice but to make his own exit and the bike who was running block was the only exit.

Now the bikers could have taken down the license plate and called the cops at any time and even followed but they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Most of the bikers either didn't chase or stopped chasing when they came to their senses. But the ones who followed him into the city and started assaulting were in the wrong.

When it became clear that there was no escape, the SUV driver had the absolute right to defend himself and his family. I tell you if it were me it would have been a smash up derby until my family was free from danger.

That is not murder. It is self defense.

I've been riding motorcycles for 36 years so please don't accuse me of bias or ignorance of the hazards of motorcycle riding.