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We can still be friends

I would say that my theory is most similar to Albert J. Nock. That is…. I am a person, I own myself and everything I produce (unless I rent myself to an employer which I am compensated for) and myself includes my property. I organize with others for common interest and realize that each little portion of me that I give to the organization is what I lose for myself. As the organization grows further from me and bigger I realize that what was once my friend now has the power to become my enemy.

I can’t say it any better than Nock…..please read "Our Enemy, The State" the book here is a link to a free PDF. The second chapter seems kind of redundant….but just power through it.

My world view is this, without the interruption of war the State continues to grow to its natural conclusion…..failure. The failure is usually an economic failure. After an economic failure the path of least resistance is to either merge or decenagrate. The Soviet Union decenagrated and they actually exhibited more of a love for Liberty then our founding father…..given the choice ( if there really was one) they chose smaller. When the dollar crashes we could do the same….or in the opposite direction. There will be “A” NEW WORLD ORDER, but not one by design….but one of eventuality…..the eventuality that all self-center decisions of government corruption has caught up to us……I am a person that is more afraid of what my own government can do to me than what the government can do for me. I am also more afraid of the enemy I know then an imaginary enemy I have never seen. The conspiracies are a cottage industry to instill fear in order to maintain The State to protect me when in fact I need protected from my protector.

Have you ever read anything about Socrates, Plato & Aristotle? The first paragraph, on this post, is describing “Natural Law” which was developed by these guys but got lost along the way. (You would also learn the origins of God's relationship to man and man salvation….which Christ was still 450 years away and the Bible 750 years away)

John Locke mentored James Otis who mentored Thomas Jefferson. While the Declaration of Independence was written in the same vein of Natural Law, the Constitution went down the same path where Natural Law was misdirected during the time of Plato…at Plato’s hand….same as Alexander Hamilton….it’s call Absolutism……it’s the Absolutism of the State…….NOTHING COMES BEFORE THE STATE….Including the Church…..which is where the conspiracies developed. Have you ever noticed the conspiracies always have an undertone of “Righteousness” about them? This is why the Hebrews are singled out as a perpetrator of the conspiracy….the Hebrews are expendable by both The Atheist Socialist State as well as the Democracy Christian Church State.

I am no scholar by a long shot but I read and think….then I contrast ….then I form a conclusion. I do not watch a video and believe and then continue to drink from the same well. I spent a lot of years doing this and was in your shoes at one time. As I educated myself on the real workings of the economy but could not avoid government….because money is always at the root of government. I vetted von Mises and Rothbard long before I had watch RP grill Greenspan. I educated myself with the same instructors as RP…..and I will bet you dime to donuts he DOESN’T believe in conspiracies either…..he believes the State is corrupt…..our only difference is he believes we can restore Liberty through the Constitution……I believe the only way to restore Liberty is without the Constitution and return to the original constitution of this land the “Articles of Confederation”

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"