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It's okay, but

it doesn't really catch my eye, because it looks like a million other sites on the internet.

Don't get me wrong, not saying that your site should be all flashy and distracting, but the 'shades of blue' theme has been done to death, IMO. (Damn you, VBulletin and IPB!)

If I could offer a few poorly thought out suggestions, I'd say to spice up the background with some black (but not too much!), red, or even yellow-- colors that are eye-catching without being distracting. The white background against black text is comfortable to read, but maybe have thin, colored borders around the text squares, and could also be used as a way (in addition to tags) to quickly identify what 'type' of material is being posted (red border=urgent, blue border=positive news story, pink=cop story, etc.) Possibly have different (blended in) background pics for each section of the site.

I'm just sort of throwing out random ideas, and I'm not good with 2D design/art direction in general, so don't put any stock into my words. In fact, stop reading this. Now. RIGHT NOW.

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