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I believe it is the

I believe it is the healthiest diet. Protein is mandatory but it is not something that you honestly need to worry about. Your body prioritizes protein and uses it the most efficiently. Proteins that you lose form muscle are recycled at a good rate. This is why people who go on 20 day water fasts lose mostly fat and not much muscle.. granted they don't do any serious exercise. There are clinics such as the True North Health Center where they put people on these fasts and they have quite remarkable results.

However lack of carbohydrates sends signals to your body to burn fat and then of course protein which is a slower, less efficient form of energy. you bypass that protein metabolism by eating carbohydrates and low protein diets with some fat but primarily clean energy from tubers and plants.

Also I would like to point out that fiber is essential for proper digestion. There are so many issues in colon health that its hard to have a good debate here on it. I can tell you my digestion is sooo much better when i stick to clean plant foods. Without the fiber your body has a harder time, through peristalsis, with moving food through your system. I fundamentally disagree with what you are saying. While some people may move fine on pure protein diets or pure fat diets, others suffer tremendously from those practices, like me because i've tried everything.

Also if you research John Mcdougal where he points out that people who are put on pure carbohydrate diets cure their diabetes virtually 100% of the time as well. It is true that great results (in terms of the presence of diabetes) came from Atkins but what do you expect when you eliminate carbohydrates from the diet? How can you get the same results from two different treatments? In this interview or debate mcdougal did with atkins mcdougal talks about experimental treatments where pure table sugar for a few days tremendously reduced diabetes in most patients. , please listen to it if my statement here sparks interest. How can that be?

They give you the same results, but one results in poorer health long-term.

And fatty diets do promote diabetes. There is definitely a debate there.

And yes I said that amino acids cause irritation in the body. They are acids, they go into the blood stream and they are not all neutral ph at all. this promotes a more acidic environment in the interstitial fluids that feed cells, and it is true that amino acids are essential for healthy cells. An all animal diet is not on my bucket list, it isn't sustainable.

My diet is better exactly because of what you are saying. And I would be miserable on an all animal diet. been there done that, sorry =\