Comment: What to eat and what not to

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What to eat and what not to

What to eat and what not to eat may be the real question. I swear, if I had one question for God, and knew I would get a straight answer, it would be, "What should humans eat?" Maybe the answer would be, it depends on the human. Maybe we are individuals as well in what is best for each person to eat.
On one hand the Our Father reads, "Give us this day our daily bread." So, how bad can bread be? Maybe it was a different wheat? I don't know.
I do think the past 40 years or so the push has been to make us think we don't need protein and fat and so don't eat meat, cheese or eggs. Maybe this was to prepare us for a diet of a poorer country? Poor people do not eat meat and cheese. A plant based diet does seem clean and does not cause the death of animals. That seems good karma. But the whole Cain and Able thing seems to be meat or vegetable, maybe it was God's way of saying to eat meat. It is truly a mystery.