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not seeing anything here that

not seeing anything here that describes a dominant faction in the GOP, or a majority national coalition.

you're not dealing with the xian fundie wing, the persistence of the abortion/homosexuality focus for primaries.

not dealing with the demographic timebomb, the 60% + dem vote for every ethnic minority, even third generation and wealthy. are you saying this is going to change to 50/50 or majority gop in the next couple decades?

you ignored amnesty.

you ignored the entitlement dependent boomer demographic that will continue to be a factor for at least another 20 years, killing any real fiscal conservatism.

you ignored the dem superiority on peace/war, since the military industrial and israel lobby own the gop, and congress, and the military bases pepper the south and gop states.

you ignored the fact that the big states are all going to be out of gop reach, CA, NY, TX soon.

you ignored widening socioeconomic gap, declining middle class and no wage growth...

you actually didn't address any points i raised or make any of your own points. i wonder why you believe as you do besides wishful thinking.