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while I know not enough

about this topic
I do,do as you have suggested,or at least moving in that direction
it is,just a great thing to do
but man,the start up costs of going solar alone,is about 2 yrs wages for me
the inverter alone for the house is around 40 grand,one that will/might last until its paid for
then theres the panels themselves,while not too highly over priced
plays a factor
What we have been doing is canning,dehydrating our own foods
buying in bulk saves a ton of money(while these are a bit off topic,it is a way for us to save money for better things
I have been playing with 2 things of interest to me
one is a 12 v water/hydrogen separator for use in engines
and the other is a propane powered engine,i had one once in a 78 chevy truck
and am totally curious about methane powered engines,maybe the next one,after i get the first 2 finished
than you for the link to the website,getting the gist of it

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence