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Comment: while I know not enough

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while I know not enough

about this topic
I do,do as you have suggested,or at least moving in that direction
it is,just a great thing to do
but man,the start up costs of going solar alone,is about 2 yrs wages for me
the inverter alone for the house is around 40 grand,one that will/might last until its paid for
then theres the panels themselves,while not too highly over priced
plays a factor
What we have been doing is canning,dehydrating our own foods
buying in bulk saves a ton of money(while these are a bit off topic,it is a way for us to save money for better things
I have been playing with 2 things of interest to me
one is a 12 v water/hydrogen separator for use in engines
and the other is a propane powered engine,i had one once in a 78 chevy truck
and am totally curious about methane powered engines,maybe the next one,after i get the first 2 finished
than you for the link to the website,getting the gist of it

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