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"Explosion at the Shipyard" I believe writ by Oliver Heavyside.

The USS Lucifer is docked at a shipyard in need of repairs. It's on an important mission to bring nuclear bombs to Israeli military forces in Iran.

Dock electrician, Mr Young, comes across a bag not seen in days, the substation transformer feeding the dock is not completely connected and the USS Lucifer needs its power now.

Lt. Jr Grade Einstein and master chief electrician's mate Heavyside, look at the transformer and find a pair of windings not completely connected, the work, only partly completed by Mr Young.

Heavyside still being sick from last night, heads for sick bay. A seaman named Lopez, recently demoted for fighting with blacks in the engine rooms, comes to assist Einstein.

Lopez fancies himself a hotshot and is eager to assist Lt Jr Grade Einstein. Einstein not ever having seen a transformer, asks Lopez if he knows what the connections are. Lopez replies hes never seen this kind of transformer before.

Einstein, an MIT graduate in physics, remembers the equations of Maxwell, which tell him(in his mind), that the intensity MF on driven bindings X1 and X2 with the intensity MF of the unconnected binding X3 and X4.

Einstein proceeds to tell Lopez to combine X1 to X4 and X2 to X3. Lopez balks, feeling this may not be correct, remembering back to electrician mates school. Einstein orders Lopez to make the connections or be Court Martialed for his fighting in the engine room.

Seaman Lopez is not stupid, but Einstein explains the superiority of MIT education over naval EM school. The connections are made and Lopez closes the switch, killing everyone in the blast. (Note, both Heavyside and Einstein were not killed in the blast)

Electrical engineering came almost to a standstill after that point, as Einsteins form of electrical engineering became mainstream, and Heavyside never wrote another book on the subject.

I believe this story is included inside of one of Heavysides books, though I haven't figured out which one yet.

Here is the official story from Pearl Harbor:

Explosion at the Shipyard, N.F.G. : Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S.N. Albert Einstein is seated before five senior officers at a Judge Advocate General Board of Inquiry. It has been convened at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Lt. J.G. Einstein is the defendant and the Board is about to issue it’s verdict. The charges are very serious. It seems that Mr. Einstein utilized a college physics textbook, in lieu of Bureau of Ships directives, in performing operations on a shore power connection. Mr. Einstein employed “his understanding”, as derived from Physics, “Maxwell’s Equations”, in determining the connections for a shore power transformer bank (480V at 1500 KVA). Seaman Lopez was directed by Lt. J.G. Einstein to make the “backward” connections, but Lopez knew the outcome would spell disaster. He learned in his Naval Electricians Mate training that the connection would cross phase, however Mr. Einstein berated Lopez, as Einstein’s Princeton University education overshadowed “Electricity Schools”. Lopez was reminded that to refuse orders would result in a Captains Mast and possible Court Martial under the U.C.M.J. A terrified Lopez closed the switch and was killed in the blast. Four more were injured and the Shipyard was without power for several hours. Lieutenant Junior Grade Albert Einstein was pronounced –guilty- by the Board. He received a life sentence at Leavenworth Federal Prison. The next day the Chief of Naval Operations issues the following directive to all Fleet Commanders. It reads in part; At 0000 hours U.T.C. Dec 21, 2012 the following order is in effect: The use of Physics Texts in any and all Naval Operations is henceforth PROHIBITED. The next day a Presidential Order is signed abolishing the practice of teaching Electrical Principles by Physicists.