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I try to cover the bases

MREs, some whole grains packed in air tight buckets and a hand mill, home canned foods (you can can almost any meat, fruit or vegetable) along with store bought can foods that are constantly cycled and some freeze dried food as well.

You can buy things like grains in bulk with a local cooperative, MREs straight from the manufacturer. A friend saw the freeze dried food at the devil store, aka Walmart, but you can get that online as well as Food grade buckets, water purifier, Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, vacuum sealer, etc. Just look for deals at different places and buy in bulk if possible or applicable to save a little.

Canned foods and MRES can last for years and Freeze Dried foods and whole grains, if packed correctly, can last for decades.

Of course if you live in the country the possible preparedness choices are much greater.

Water is your main concern though. Stocking some water is necessary but if we faced a worse case scenario and we lost all utilities then a source of water is paramount.

You could get some Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, Rum etc for barter as well as some other luxury and hygiene related items. Get some silver and gold to retain some of your wealth in case there is something on the other side of a SHTF scenario. Get a good medical kit that is well stocked.

And of course when you do get stocked keep it quiet. You don't want everyone and his brother to know how well you have prepared. Even so if possible have a good stock of weapons and ammo.