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You treat it as a boogeyman word.

If you call yourself an American, you're claiming to be part of a collective. It's not always evil to be part of a group.

"Collectivism" is a school of thought that sees people "strictly as a collective," as Ron Paul explained. However, there is much more to an individual than his membership in a collective. You can be both an individual and a member of several collectives, it's just a way of saying group.

You're seeing the word collective and automatically thinking "collectivism" perhaps.

If you're a Ron Paul supporter, you're in a group or collective, it's no more complicated than that. As long as no one decides that's all there is to your individualism. Just a cog in a machine. That would be "collectivism."

We all know Americans are no two alike, but we are a collective, and a damn good one.

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