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Now reading that I'm not so sure

What if I don't have any interest in your 'collective' what if I just want to work with you so long as we agree?

Why do we have to be a collective anyway?

This is why we see it as a 'boogeyman' word. People say collective and they usually mean themselves speaking for the 'collective'. Trying to convince me I'm part of 'us' and some other bad people are 'them' and I should conclude I need George W Obama to 'save' me from 'them'.

Americans were exceptional, and we were exceptional in that we never thought we were exceptionally exceptional. We thought if we played fair and worked hard our individual exceptionality had a better chance of shining through in a free society. That is gone. Because it's not true. Today, the way you win in the US is the same as in all of Europe. You win by being part of the aristocracy of pull.